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Mohammed Sbai, known professionally as Med Leon, is a Moroccan Creative Director, Content Creator, and entrepreneur. He has an appropriate style and expression techniques to convince. They are, according to him, appreciated by a large number of Internet users who follow him on social networks, especially Instagram.

Born in Morocco on 10 October 1991, Med Leon started his career as a Director after he graduated from the University of Cinematography and Audiovisual Production Management in 2014.
He has collaborated with local and international artists, content creators, and influencers, including DJ Van, EKO, Krissann Barretto, Karima Gouit, Loubna Jaouhari, Chroukate, Yassine Jarram, Sofia Charaf, Loubinette, Hicham Idelcaid, Malakies and many more.

While collaborating with artists, Med Leon had the opportunity to create two short films: Anything is possible and The Last Feeling. And many music videos such as Ntya lia, Mali Mali, Viii, etc.

Med Leon has worked non-stop in the world of stills, film, and television as a Director, Producer, Cinematographer, and Screenwriter. He is currently the Founder of LEON PARK LTD Creative Media Production Company.



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